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Agenda gas_scattering_agenda

Calculation of the gas scattering extinction and phase matrix.

This agenda calculates the gas scattering cross
section and the normalized phase matrix for a specific
incoming ( gas_scattering_los_in ) and outgoing (gas_scattering_los_out) direction.
The scattering cross section is calculated along a
propagtion path given by the propagation path variables
rtp_pressure, rtp_temperature, and rtp_vmr.If gas_scattering_los_in and gas_scattering_los_out are empty vectors, then
gas_scattering_mat is set empty. If gas_scattering_los_in and gas_scattering_los_out
are not empty, then the phase matrix is calculated
for the define incoming and outgoing direction.

Group: Agenda


OUTgas_scattering_coef(PropagationMatrix) Spectrum of scattering coefficient matrices.
OUTgas_scattering_mat(TransmissionMatrix) Spectrum of normalized phase matrices.
OUTgas_scattering_fct_legendre(Vector) Normalized phase function as Legendre series.
INf_grid(Vector) The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INrtp_pressure(Numeric) Pressure at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_temperature(Numeric) Temperature at a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_vmr(Vector) Absorption species abundances for radiative transfer calculations.
INgas_scattering_los_in(Vector) Incoming line-of-sight for gas scattering.
INgas_scattering_los_out(Vector) Outgoing line-of-sight for gas scattering.
INgas_scattering_output_type(Index) Flag to select the output of the gas_scattering_agenda.

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