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Agenda iy_cloudbox_agenda

Intensity at boundary or interior of the cloudbox.

The task of the agenda is to determine the intensity at some point
at the boundary of or inside the cloudbox. The actual calculations
inside the agenda differ depending on scattering solution method.
If DOIT is used, an interpolating of the intensity field should be
performed. Another option is to start backward Monte Carlo 
calculations from this point.

A function calling this agenda shall set rte_pos and rte_los to
the position and line-of-sight for which the scattered radiation
shall be determined.

The include-file 'agendas.arts' pre-defines some agendas that can
either be used directly, or serve as examples.

Group: Agenda


OUTiy(Matrix) Monochromatic pencil beam radiance spectrum.
INf_grid(Vector) The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INrtp_pos(Vector) Position of a radiative transfer point.
INrtp_los(Vector) Line-of-sight at a radiative transfer point.

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