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Agenda iy_independent_beam_approx_agenda

Agenda dedicated to iyIndependentBeamApproximation.

If iyIndependentBeamApproximation is used, this agenda basically
replaces iy_main_agenda. Accordingly, this agenda has exactly the
same output as iy_main_agenda.

Group: Agenda


OUTiy(Matrix) Monochromatic pencil beam radiance spectrum.
OUTiy_aux(ArrayOfMatrix) Data auxiliary to iy.
OUTppath(Ppath) The propagation path for one line-of-sight.
OUTdiy_dx(ArrayOfTensor3) Derivative of iy with respect to retrieval quantities.
INdiy_dx(ArrayOfTensor3) Derivative of iy with respect to retrieval quantities.
INiy_agenda_call1(Index) Flag to handle recursive calls of iy_main_agenda The agenda iy_main_agenda can be used recursively and this flag is used to tell the methods inside the agenda which is the primary call.
INiy_unit(String) Selection of output unit for radiative transfer methods.
INiy_transmittance(Tensor3) Transmittance to be included in iy.
INiy_aux_vars(ArrayOfString) Selection of quantities for iy_aux and when applicable also y_aux.
INiy_id(Index) Identification number of iy.
INatmosphere_dim(Index) The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
INp_grid(Vector) The pressure grid.
INlat_grid(Vector) The latitude grid.
INlon_grid(Vector) The longitude grid.
INlat_true(Vector) Latitudinal geolocation for 1D and 2D data.
INlon_true(Vector) Longitudinal geolocation for 1D and 2D data.
INt_field(Tensor3) The field of atmospheric temperatures.
INz_field(Tensor3) The field of geometrical altitudes.
INvmr_field(Tensor4) VMR field.
INz_surface(Matrix) The surface altitude.
INppath_lmax(Numeric) Maximum length between points describing propagation paths.
INppath_lraytrace(Numeric) Maximum length of ray tracing steps when determining propagation paths.
INcloudbox_on(Index) Flag to activate the cloud box.
INcloudbox_limits(ArrayOfIndex) The limits of the cloud box.
INpnd_field(Tensor4) Particle number density field.
INjacobian_do(Index) Flag to activate (clear-sky) Jacobian calculations.
INf_grid(Vector) The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INrte_pos(Vector) A geographical position for starting radiative transfer calculations.
INrte_los(Vector) A line-of-sight for (complete) radiative transfer calculations.
INrte_pos2(Vector) A second geographical position to define the geometry for radiative transfer calculations.

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