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Agenda met_profile_calc_agenda

This agenda is used for metoffice profile calculations.

This agenda is called inside the method ybatchMetProfiles which is
used to make a batch calculation for the metoffice profiles.   
See the documentation of ybatchMetProfiles for more information.

This agenda can be, for example, set up like this:


Group: Agenda


OUTy(Vector) The measurement vector.
INt_field_raw(GriddedField3) Raw data for atmospheric temperatures.
INvmr_field_raw(ArrayOfGriddedField3) VMR data for the chosen gaseous species.
INz_field_raw(GriddedField3) Raw data for geometrical altitudes.
INpnd_field_raw(ArrayOfGriddedField3) The particle number density field raw data.
INp_grid(Vector) The pressure grid.
INsensor_los(Matrix) The sensor line-of-sight (LOS) for each measurement block.
INcloudbox_on(Index) Flag to activate the cloud box.
INcloudbox_limits(ArrayOfIndex) The limits of the cloud box.
INz_surface(Matrix) The surface altitude.

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