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Workspace Group PropagationMatrix

The propagation matrix data is help by this type

This type is related to StokesVector

The data type is Tensor4 in units of [1/m]

The dimensionality is kept as:

Number of frequencies as Index (usually from f_grid)
Number of zenith angles as Index 
Number of azimuth angles as Index 
The Stokes dimension as Index (usually from stokes_dim)

An individual propagation matrix (i.e., for a given frequency, zenith,
and azimuth angle) follows certain symmetries depending on the Stokes

For Stokes dimension 4:

K11  K12  K13  K14
K12  K11  K23  K24
K13 -K23  K11  K34
K14 -K24 -K34  K11

For Stokes dimension 3:

K11  K12  K13
K12  K11  K23
K13 -K23  K11

For Stokes dimension 2:

K11  K12
K12  K11

For Stokes dimension 1:


The propagation matrix make use of these symmetries to computate the matrix inverses and exponents
required to turn the data into a TransmissionMatrix (with information about the distance)

Specific methods that can generate PropagationMatrix

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