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Workspace Method AngularGridsSetFluxCalc


Sets the angular grids for the calculation of radiation fluxes. 

This method sets the angular grids for the radiation fluxes type
calculations and calculates the integration weights za_grid_weights
for the zenith angle integration. For down- und up-looking geometries
it suffices to use the default values of N_za_grid and N_aa_grid.
From N_aa_grid an equally spaced grid is created and stored in the
WSV aa_grid.
Depending on the desired za_grid_type za_grid will be
equally spaced ('linear') or unequally ('linear_mu','double_gauss')
Important, N_za_grid must be an even number because for the 
integration over each hemisphere N_za_grid / 2 zenith angles are needed.

Possible zenith angle grid types are:
double_gauss:     The zenith grid and the integration weights are set according
                  to a gauss-legendre integration for each hemispheres.
linear:           Equally space grid between 0 deg and 180 deg including the poles
linear_mu:        Similar to 'linear' but equally spaced for cos(180 deg) to cos(0 deg),
                  which results a unequally spaced angular grid

Authors: Manfred Brath


AngularGridsSetFluxCalc( za_grid, aa_grid, za_grid_weights, N_za_grid, N_aa_grid, za_grid_type )


OUTza_grid(Vector)Zenith angle grid.
OUTaa_grid(Vector)Azimuthal angle grid.
OUTza_grid_weights(Vector)Zenith angle integration weights.
GINN_za_grid(Index, Default: 2)Number of zenith angles
GINN_aa_grid(Index, Default: 1)Number of azimuth angles
GINza_grid_type(String, Default: "linear_mu")Zenith angle grid type