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Workspace Method AntennaConstantGaussian1D


Sets up a 1D gaussian antenna response and a matching

As antenna_responseGaussian, but also creates mblock_dlos_grid.
For returned antenna response, see antenna_responseGaussian.

The size of mblock_dlos_grid is determined by *n_za_grid*.
The end points of the grid are set to be the same as for the
antenna response. The spacing of the grid follows the magnitude of
the response; the spacing is smaller where the response is high.
More precisely, the grid points are determined by dividing
the cumulative sum of the response in equal steps. This makes sense
if the representation error of the radiance (as a function of
zenith angle) increases linearly with the grid spacing.

The WSV antenna_dlos is set to [0].

The antenna repsonse is not normalised.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


AntennaConstantGaussian1D( antenna_dim, mblock_dlos_grid, antenna_response, antenna_dlos, n_za_grid, fwhm, xwidth_si, dx_si )


OUTantenna_dim(Index)The dimensionality of the antenna pattern (1-2).
OUTmblock_dlos_grid(Matrix)The set of angular pencil beam directions for each measurement block.
OUTantenna_response(GriddedField4)The antenna pattern/response.
OUTantenna_dlos(Matrix)The relative line-of-sight of each antenna pattern.
GINn_za_grid(Index)Number of points to include in mblock_dlos_grid.
GINfwhm(Numeric)Full width at half-maximum of antenna beam [deg].
GINxwidth_si(Numeric, Default: 3)Half-width of response, in terms of std. dev.
GINdx_si(Numeric, Default: 0.1)Grid spacing, in terms of std. dev.