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Workspace Method AtmFieldPRegrid


Interpolates the input field along the pressure dimension from
``p_grid_old`` to to ``p_grid_new``.

Extrapolation is allowed within the common 0.5grid-step margin.
in and out fields can be the same variable.

Authors: Jana Mendrok


AtmFieldPRegrid( output, input, p_grid_new, p_grid_old, interp_order )


GOUToutput(Tensor3, Tensor4)Regridded atmospheric field.
GINinput(Tensor3, Tensor4)Input atmospheric field.
GINp_grid_new(Vector)Pressure grid to regrid to
GINp_grid_old(Vector)Pressure grid of input field
GINinterp_order(Index, Default: 1)Interpolation order.