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Workspace Method AtmFieldsCalcExpand1D


Interpolation of 1D raw atmospheric fields to create 2D or 3D
homogeneous atmospheric fields.

The method works as AtmFieldsCalc, but accepts only raw 1D
atmospheres. The raw atmosphere is interpolated to p_grid and
the obtained values are applied for all latitudes, and also
longitudes for 3D, to create a homogeneous atmosphere.

The method deals only with the atmospheric fields, and to create
a true 2D or 3D version of a 1D case, a demand is also that the
ellipsoid is set to be a sphere.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson, Claudia Emde, Stefan Buehler


AtmFieldsCalcExpand1D( t_field, z_field, vmr_field, nlte_field, p_grid, lat_grid, lon_grid, t_field_raw, z_field_raw, vmr_field_raw, nlte_field_raw, nlte_level_identifiers, nlte_vibrational_energies, atmosphere_dim, interp_order, vmr_zeropadding, vmr_nonegative, nlte_when_negative )


OUTt_field(Tensor3)The field of atmospheric temperatures.
OUTz_field(Tensor3)The field of geometrical altitudes.
OUTvmr_field(Tensor4)VMR field.
OUTnlte_field(EnergyLevelMap)The field of NLTE temperatures and/or ratios.
INp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
INlat_grid(Vector)The latitude grid.
INlon_grid(Vector)The longitude grid.
INt_field_raw(GriddedField3)Raw data for atmospheric temperatures.
INz_field_raw(GriddedField3)Raw data for geometrical altitudes.
INvmr_field_raw(ArrayOfGriddedField3)VMR data for the chosen gaseous species.
INnlte_field_raw(ArrayOfGriddedField3)Raw data for NLTE temperatures and/or ratios.
INnlte_level_identifiers(ArrayOfQuantumIdentifier)An array of non-lte quantum identifiers for levels matching nlte_field_raw and on request nlte_vibrational_energies.
INnlte_vibrational_energies(Vector)An list of vibrational energies matching nlte_level_identifiers and nlte_field_raw or being 0.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
GINinterp_order(Index, Default: 1)Interpolation order (1=linear interpolation).
GINvmr_zeropadding(Index, Default: 0)Pad VMRs with zeroes to fit the pressure grid if necessary.
GINvmr_nonegative(Index, Default: 0)If set to 1, negative VMRs are set to 0.
GINnlte_when_negative(Index, Default: 0)-1: Skip step. 0: Negative is 0. Else: Negative is t.