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Workspace Method DOBatchCalc


Performs batch calculations for radiation fields.

We perform ybatch_n jobs, starting at index ybatch_start. (Zero
based indexing, as usual.) The output arrays will have
ybatch_n elements. Indices in the output array start
with zero, independent of ybatch_start.

WARNING, MEMORY INTENSIVE!!!: Since the outputs of this methods can
be very large, make sure you only pass back output you need.
Estimate the size of your output by looking at the dimensions
beforehand. If you only want to pass back some fields, make sure to
empty the others at the end of your dobatch_calc_agenda. E.g.:
Tensor7SetConstant(cloudbox_field, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.)

The method performs the following:
   1. Sets ybatch_index = ybatch_start.
   2. Performs a-d until
      ybatch_index = ybatch_start + ybatch_n.
        a. Executes dobatch_calc_agenda.
        b. If ybatch_index = ybatch_start, resizes the output
           arrays based on ybatch_n.
        c. Copies calculated fields to ybatch_index - ybatch_start
           of output arrays.
        d. Adds 1 to ybatch_index.

Beside the dobatch_calc_agenda, the WSVs ybatch_start
and ybatch_n must be set before calling this method.

The input variable ybatch_start is set to a default of zero.

Authors: Oliver Lemke


DOBatchCalc( dobatch_cloudbox_field, dobatch_radiance_field, dobatch_irradiance_field, dobatch_spectral_irradiance_field, ybatch_start, ybatch_n, dobatch_calc_agenda, robust )


OUTdobatch_cloudbox_field(ArrayOfTensor7)Batch of radiation fields.
OUTdobatch_radiance_field(ArrayOfTensor5)Batch of radiance fields.
OUTdobatch_irradiance_field(ArrayOfTensor4)Batch of irradiance fields.
OUTdobatch_spectral_irradiance_field(ArrayOfTensor5)Batch of spectral irradiance fields.
INybatch_start(Index)Start index for ybatchCalc.
INybatch_n(Index)Number of batch cases for ybatchCalc.
INdobatch_calc_agenda(Agenda)Agenda defining the calculations to perform for each batch case.
GINrobust(Index, Default: 0)A flag with value 1 or 0. If set to one, the batch calculation will continue, even if individual jobs fail. In that case, a warning message is written to screen and file (out1 output stream), and the output array entry for the failed job in the output fields is left empty.