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Workspace Method Extract


Extracts an element from an array.

Copies the element with the given Index from the input
variable to the output variable.

For a Tensor3 as an input, it copies the page with the given
Index from the input Tensor3 variable to the output Matrix.

In other words, the selection is always done on the first dimension.

Authors: Oliver Lemke


Extract( needle, haystack, index )


GOUTneedle(Index, ArrayOfIndex, Numeric, Vector, Matrix, Matrix, Tensor3, Tensor4, Tensor4, GriddedField2, GriddedField3, ArrayOfGriddedField3, GriddedField4, String, SingleScatteringData, ArrayOfSingleScatteringData, TelsemAtlas, QuantumIdentifier)Extracted element.
GINhaystack(ArrayOfIndex, ArrayOfArrayOfIndex, Vector, ArrayOfVector, ArrayOfMatrix, Tensor3, Tensor4, ArrayOfTensor4, Tensor5, ArrayOfGriddedField2, ArrayOfGriddedField3, ArrayOfArrayOfGriddedField3, ArrayOfGriddedField4, ArrayOfString, ArrayOfSingleScatteringData, ArrayOfArrayOfSingleScatteringData, ArrayOfTelsemAtlas, ArrayOfQuantumIdentifier)Variable to extract from.
GINindex(Index)Position of the element which should be extracted.