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Workspace Method ForLoop


A simple for-loop.

This method is handy when you quickly want to test out a calculation
with a set of different settings.

It does a for-loop from start to stop in steps of step (who would
have guessed that). For each iteration, the agenda forloop_agenda is
executed. Inside the agenda, the variable forloop_index is available
as index counter.

There are no other inputs to forloop_agenda, and also no outputs. That
means, if you want to get any results out of this loop, you have to
save it to files (for example with WriteXMLIndexed), since
variables used inside the agenda will only be local.

Note that this kind of for loop is not parallel.

The method is intended for simple testing, not as a replacement of
ybatchCalc. However, it is compatible with ybatchCalc, in the sense
that ybatchCalc may occur inside forloop_agenda.

Authors: Stefan Buehler


ForLoop( forloop_agenda, start, stop, step )


INforloop_agenda(Agenda)Agenda performing a for loop.
GINstart(Index)Start value.
GINstop(Index)End value.
GINstep(Index)Step size.