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Workspace Method GriddedFieldLatLonExpand


Expands the latitude and longitude grid of the GriddedField to
[-90, 90] and [0,360], respectively.

Expansion is only done in
the dimension(s), where the grid size is 1.
The values from the input data will be duplicated to accomodate
for the larger size of the output field.
output and input can be the same variable.

Authors: Oliver Lemke


GriddedFieldLatLonExpand( output, input )


GOUToutput(GriddedField2, GriddedField3, GriddedField4, ArrayOfGriddedField3)Expanded gridded field.
GINinput(GriddedField2, GriddedField3, GriddedField4, ArrayOfGriddedField3)Raw input gridded field.