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Workspace Method GriddedFieldPRegrid


Interpolates the input field along the pressure dimension to p_grid.

If zero-padding is applied (zeropadding=1), pressures that are
outside the p_grid are set to 0. This is thought, e.g., for VMR
fields that outside the given pressure can safely be assumed to be
Note: Using zeropadding for altitude and temperature fields is
strongly discouraged (it will work here, though, but likely trigger
errors later on).
Extrapolation is allowed within the common 0.5grid-step margin,
but is overruled by zeropadding.
input and output fields can be the same variable.

Authors: Oliver Lemke


GriddedFieldPRegrid( output, p_grid, input, interp_order, zeropadding )


GOUToutput(GriddedField3, GriddedField4, ArrayOfGriddedField3)Regridded gridded field.
INp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
GINinput(GriddedField3, GriddedField4, ArrayOfGriddedField3)Raw input gridded field.
GINinterp_order(Index, Default: 1)Interpolation order.
GINzeropadding(Index, Default: 0)Apply zero-padding.