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Workspace Method HydrotableCalc


Creates a look-up table of scattering properties.

The table produced largely follows the format used in RTTOV-SCATT for
its "hydrotables". The table is returned as a GriddedField4, with
dimensions (in order):
   Scattering property
   Frequency (equals WSV f_grid)
   Temperature (equals GIN T_grid)
   Particle content [kg/m3]  (equals GIN wc_grid)

Four scattering properties are calculated. They are (in order)
   Extinction [m-1]
   Single scattering albedo [-]
   Asymmetry parameter [-]
   Radar reflectivity [m2]

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


HydrotableCalc( hydrotable, pnd_agenda_array, pnd_agenda_array_input_names, scat_data, scat_data_checked, f_grid, iss, T_grid, wc_grid )


GOUThydrotable(GriddedField4)Generated hydrotable with format described above.
INpnd_agenda_array(ArrayOfAgenda)Mapping of particle bulk properties to number density data.
INpnd_agenda_array_input_names(ArrayOfArrayOfString)Naming of all input expected by pnd_agenda_array.
INscat_data(ArrayOfArrayOfSingleScatteringData)Array of single scattering data.
INscat_data_checked(Index)OK-flag for scat_data.
INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
GINiss(Index)Index of scattering species.
GINT_grid(Vector)Temperature grid of table.
GINwc_grid(Vector)Water content grid of table.