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Workspace Method INCLUDE


Includes the contents of another controlfile.

The INCLUDE statement inserts the contents of the controlfile
with the given name into the current controlfile.
If the filename is given without path information, ARTS will
first search for the file in all directories specified with the
-I (see arts -h) commandline option and then in directories given
in the environment variable ARTS_INCLUDE_PATH. In the environment
variable multiple paths have to be separated by colons.

Note that INCLUDE is not a workspace method and thus the
syntax is different:

Arts {
  INCLUDE "agendas.arts"

Includes can also be nested. In the example above agendas.arts
can contain further includes which will then be treated
the same way.

The idea behind this mechanism is that you can write common settings
for a bunch of calculations into one file. Then, you can create
several controlfiles which include the basic settings and tweak them
for different cases. When you decide to make changes to your setup
that should apply to all calculations, you only have to make a
single change in the include file instead of modifying all your

Authors: Oliver Lemke