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Workspace Method InterpGriddedField2ToPosition


Latitude and longitude interpolation of a GriddedField2.

The default way to specify the position is by rtp_pos.

The interpolation is done for the latitude and longitude in
rtp_pos. The altitude in rtp_pos is completely ignored.
Linear interpolation is applied.

The input field (``gfield2``) is expected to have latitude and
longitude as first and second dimension.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


InterpGriddedField2ToPosition( output, atmosphere_dim, lat_grid, lat_true, lon_true, rtp_pos, gfield2 )


GOUToutput(Numeric)Value obtained by interpolation.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
INlat_grid(Vector)The latitude grid.
INlat_true(Vector)Latitudinal geolocation for 1D and 2D data.
INlon_true(Vector)Longitudinal geolocation for 1D and 2D data.
INrtp_pos(Vector)Position of a radiative transfer point.
GINgfield2(GriddedField2)Gridded field to interpolate.