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Workspace Method RadarOnionPeelingTableCalc


Creates a radar inversion table.

This method is tailored to make inversion tables that fit
particle_bulkpropRadarOnionPeeling. See that method for
format of the table.

The method needs to be called twice to form a complete table,
once for liquid and ice hydrometeors. The table can be empty at
the first call.

The input data (scat_data etc.) must match two scattering
species and a single frequency (the one of the radar).

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


RadarOnionPeelingTableCalc( invtable, f_grid, scat_species, scat_data, scat_meta, pnd_agenda_array, pnd_agenda_array_input_names, i_species, dbze_grid, t_grid, wc_min, wc_max, ze_tref, k2 )


INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
INscat_species(ArrayOfString)Array of Strings defining the scattering species to consider.
INscat_data(ArrayOfArrayOfSingleScatteringData)Array of single scattering data.
INscat_meta(ArrayOfArrayOfScatteringMetaData)An Array of scattering meta data (scat_meta_single).
INpnd_agenda_array(ArrayOfAgenda)Returns particle number density data for each scattering species.
INpnd_agenda_array_input_names(ArrayOfArrayOfString)Naming of all input expected by pnd_agenda_array.
GINi_species(Index)Index of scat_species to do. Can be 0 or 1.
GINdbze_grid(Vector)Grid of dBZe values to use for the table.
GINt_grid(Vector)Temperature grid to use for the table.
GINwc_min(Numeric, Default: 1e-8)A water content value that gives a dBZe smaller than first value of ``dbze_grid``.
GINwc_max(Numeric, Default: 2e-2)A water content value that gives a dBZe larger than last value of ``dbze_grid``.
GINze_tref(Numeric, Default: 273.15)Reference temperature for conversion to Ze. See further yRadar.
GINk2(Numeric, Default: -1)Reference dielectric factor. See further yRadar.