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Workspace Method ReadHITRAN


Reads a HITRAN .par file.

The HITRAN type switch can be:

- ``"Pre2004"``: for old format
- ``"Post2004"``: for new format
- ``"Online"``: for the online format with quantum numbers (recommended)

Be careful setting the options!

Note that the isoptopologues in Hitran changes between its versions.
We support only one version of Hitran isoptopologues per commit.
To read an older version of Hitran, you should down-grade to the
correct commit-version.  If you still want to make use of modern features,
you must also store the generated abs_lines to file and reload the
catalog in the new version of Arts.  This step needs only be done once per
version of Hitran you are using

The complete flow to downgrade, read Hitran, and update is:

1. 'git checkout <commit hash>' to get the old version of Arts
2. Compile the program
3. Run ReadHITRAN to get abs_lines of that version of Hitran
4. Run abs_linesWriteSpeciesSplitCatalog to store the abs_lines to a folder
5. 'git checkout -' to get back to your previous version of Arts
6. Compile the program
7. Use abs_linesReadSpeciesSplitCatalog to read what abs_lines

The <commit hash> required per version of Hitran are:

- Hitran 2020-XXXX: Your current version is OK.
- Hitran 2004-2016: 60a9664f69f10b3f3eef3d9456282c3638b637fc
- Hitran  pre-2004: d81802cc7fe887446715491ee8a9eab8e370a0c7

Authors: Hermann Berg, Thomas Kuhn, Richard Larsson


ReadHITRAN( abs_lines, filename, fmin, fmax, globalquantumnumbers, localquantumnumbers, hitran_type, normalization_option, mirroring_option, population_option, lineshapetype_option, cutoff_option, cutoff_value, linemixinglimit_value )


OUTabs_lines(ArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data.
GINfilename(String)Name of the HITRAN file
GINfmin(Numeric, Default: -1e99)Minimum frequency of read lines
GINfmax(Numeric, Default: 1e99)Maximum frequency of read lines
GINglobalquantumnumbers(String, Default: "DEFAULT_GLOBAL")Global quantum number list (space-separated, default gives all)
GINlocalquantumnumbers(String, Default: "DEFAULT_LOCAL")Local quantum number list (space-separated, default gives all)
GINhitran_type(String, Default: "Online")Method to use to read the line data
GINnormalization_option(String, Default: "None")Normalization option, see abs_linesNormalization
GINmirroring_option(String, Default: "None")Mirroring option, see abs_linesMirroring
GINpopulation_option(String, Default: "LTE")Population option, see abs_linesPopulation
GINlineshapetype_option(String, Default: "VP")Lineshape option, see abs_linesLineShapeType
GINcutoff_option(String, Default: "None")Cutoff option, see abs_linesCutoff
GINcutoff_value(Numeric, Default: 750e9)Cutoff value, see abs_linesCutoff
GINlinemixinglimit_value(Numeric, Default: -1)Line mixing limit, see abs_linesLinemixingLimit