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Workspace Method ScatSpeciesInit


Initializes the scattering species related data variables.

This method initializes the scat_species WSV, the variables that
will hold the raw optical properties and the raw particle number
distributions of the scattering elements (scat_data_raw and
pnd_field_raw, respectively) as well as the one holding the meta
information about the scattering elements (scat_meta).

This method has to be executed before WSM reading/adding to the
said variable, e.g. before ScatSpeciesPndAndScatAdd.

Authors: Jana Mendrok


ScatSpeciesInit( scat_species, scat_data_raw, scat_meta, scat_data_checked, pnd_field_raw )


OUTscat_species(ArrayOfString)Array of Strings defining the scattering species to consider.
OUTscat_data_raw(ArrayOfArrayOfSingleScatteringData)Array of raw single scattering data.
OUTscat_meta(ArrayOfArrayOfScatteringMetaData)An Array of scattering meta data (scat_meta_single).
OUTscat_data_checked(Index)OK-flag for scat_data.
OUTpnd_field_raw(ArrayOfGriddedField3)The particle number density field raw data.