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Workspace Method ScatSpeciesSizeMassInfo


Derives size and mass information for a scattering species.
This method assumes that the mass-size relationship can described
by scat_species_a and scat_species_b. See documentation of 
scat_species_a for details.

The quantity to be used as size descriptor is here denoted as x, and
is selected by setting *x_unit*. The options are:
 "dveq" : The size grid is set to scat_meta.diameter_volume_equ
 "dmax" : The size grid is set to scat_meta.diameter_max
 "area" : The size grid is set to scat_meta.diameter_area_equ_aerodynamical
 "mass" : The size grid is set to scat_meta.mass
This selection determines scat_species_x.

The parameters scat_species_a and scat_species_b are determined by
a numeric fit between scat_species_x and corresponding masses in
scat_meta. This fit is performed over sizes inside the range
[x_fit_start,x_fit_end]. This range is allowed to be broader than
the coverage of scat_species_x. There must be at least two sizes
inside [x_fit_start,x_fit_end].

Authors: Manfred Brath, Jana Mendrok, Patrick Eriksson


ScatSpeciesSizeMassInfo( scat_species_x, scat_species_a, scat_species_b, scat_meta, species_index, x_unit, x_fit_start, x_fit_end, do_only_x )


OUTscat_species_x(Vector)The size grid of one scattering species.
OUTscat_species_a(Numeric)Mass-size relationship parameter, for one scattering species.
OUTscat_species_b(Numeric)Mass-size relationship parameter, for one scattering species.
INscat_meta(ArrayOfArrayOfScatteringMetaData)An Array of scattering meta data (scat_meta_single).
GINspecies_index(Index)Take data from scattering species of this index (0-based) in scat_meta.
GINx_unit(String)Unit for size grid, allowed options listed above.
GINx_fit_start(Numeric, Default: 0)Smallest size to consider in fit to determine a and b.
GINx_fit_end(Numeric, Default: 1e9)Largest size to consider in fit to determine a and b.
GINdo_only_x(Index, Default: 0)A flag to deactivate calculation of a and b, to possibly save some time. The a and b parameters are then set to -1.Default is to calculate a and b.