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Workspace Method TestTessem


Example method for TESSEM2.

When using the default neural network parameter files
from the Tessem 2 distribution, the input Vector should contain
5 elements:
   - Frequency (10-700) in GHz.
   - Theta (0-90) Incidence angle in degrees.
   - Windspeed (0-25) at 10m (m/s)
     Higher wind speed can be used, but without garantee.
   - Surface skin temperature (270-310) in K.
   - Salinity (0-0.04) in kg/kg

Authors: Oliver Lemke


TestTessem( outvalues, net, invalues )


GOUToutvalues(Vector)Tessem output emissivity.
GINnet(TessemNN)Tessem NeuralNet parameters.
GINinvalues(Vector)Input data.