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Workspace Method VectorGaussian


Fills a vector with a Gaussian function.

The width can be set in two ways, either by standard deviation or
the full width at half maximum. Only one of the corresponding GINs
can be >0 and that value will determine the width.

The vectors x and y can be the same variable.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


VectorGaussian( y, x, x0, si, fwhm )


GOUTy(Vector)Output vector.
GINx(Vector)Grid of the function.
GINx0(Numeric, Default: 0)Centre/mean point of the function.
GINsi(Numeric, Default: -1)Standard deviation of the function, ignored if <=0.
GINfwhm(Numeric, Default: -1)Full width at half-max of the function, ignored if <=0.