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Workspace Method VectorInsertGridPoints


Insert some additional points into a grid.

This method can for example be used to add line center frequencies to
a regular frequency grid. If the original grid is [1,2,3], and the
additional points are [2.2,2.4], the result will be [1,2,2.2,2.4,3].

It is assumed that the original grid is sorted, otherwise a runtime
error is thrown. The vector with the points to insert does not have to
be sorted. If some of the input points are already in the grid, these
points are not inserted again. New points outside the original grid are
appended at the appropriate end. Input vector and output vector can be
the same.

Generic output:
  Vector : The new grid vector.

Generic input:
  Vector : The original grid vector.
  Vector : The points to insert.

Authors: Stefan Buehler


VectorInsertGridPoints( out, in, points )


GOUTout(Vector)The new grid vector
GINin(Vector)The original grid vector
GINpoints(Vector)The points to insert