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Workspace Method VectorLogSpace


Initializes a vector with logarithmic spacing.

The first element equals always the start value, and the spacing
equals always the step value, but note that the last value can 
deviate from the stop value. The keyword step can be both positive
and negative.

Note, that although start has to be given in direct coordinates,
step has to be given in log coordinates.

Explicitly, the vector is:
 exp([ln(start), ln(start)+step, ln(start)+2*step, ...])

Authors: Stefan Buehler


VectorLogSpace( output, start, stop, step )


GOUToutput(Vector)Variable to initialize.
GINstart(Numeric)The start value. (Direct coordinates!)
GINstop(Numeric)The maximum value of the end value. (Direct coordinates!)
GINstep(Numeric)The spacing of the vector. (Log coordinates!)