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Workspace Method WMRFSelectChannels


Select some channels for WMRF calculation.

The HIRS fast setup consists of a precalculated frequency grid
covering all HIRS channels, and associated weights for each channel,
stored in a weight matrix. (A sensor_response matrix.)

If not all channels are requested for
simulation, then this method can be used to remove the unwanted
channels. It changes a number of variables in consistent fashion:

- Unwanted channels are removed from f_backend. 
- Unwanted channels are removed from wmrf_weights.
- Unnecessary frequencies are removed from f_grid.
- Unnecessary frequencies are removed from wmrf_weights.

Authors: Stefan Buehler


WMRFSelectChannels( f_grid, wmrf_weights, f_backend, wmrf_channels )


OUT+INf_grid(Vector)The frequency grid for monochromatic pencil beam calculations.
OUT+INwmrf_weights(Sparse)The weights for a WMRF fast calculation.
OUT+INf_backend(Vector)The frequency position of each backend (spectrometer) channel.
INwmrf_channels(ArrayOfIndex)Channel selection for WMRF fast calculation.