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Workspace Method WindRawRead


Reads wind field data from a scenario.

A full set of field components is read (NOTE: fails if scenario
only contains selected field components). The files can be
anywhere, but must all be in the same directory specified by
'basename'. Naming convention for the field component files is
basename.wind_u.xml for the u-component, v- and w-components

Authors: Richard Larsson


WindRawRead( wind_u_field_raw, wind_v_field_raw, wind_w_field_raw, basename )


OUTwind_u_field_raw(GriddedField3)Raw zonal component of the wind field.
OUTwind_v_field_raw(GriddedField3)Raw meridional component of the magnetic field.
OUTwind_w_field_raw(GriddedField3)Raw vertical wind component field.
GINbasename(String)Name of scenario, probably including the full path. For example: "/data/wind_field"