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Workspace Method abs_cia_dataAddCIARecord


Takes CIARecord as input and appends the results in the appropriate place.

If CIARecord has same species as species in abs_cia_data, then the array
position is used to append all of the CIARecord into the array.  If clobber
evaluates as true, cia_record overwrites the appropriate abs_cia_data.  If
species in cia_record are not in abs_cia_data, the CIARecord is pushed back.

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_cia_dataAddCIARecord( abs_cia_data, cia_record, clobber )


OUT+INabs_cia_data(ArrayOfCIARecord)HITRAN Collision Induced Absorption (CIA) Data.
GINcia_record(CIARecord)CIA record to append to abs_cia_data.
GINclobber(Index, Default: 0)If true, the new input clobbers the old cia data.