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Workspace Method abs_cont_descriptionAppend


Appends the description of a continuum model or a complete absorption
model to abs_cont_names and abs_cont_parameters.

See online documentation for abs_cont_names for a list of
allowed models and for information what parameters they require. See
file includes/continua.arts for default parameters for the various models.

Authors: Thomas Kuhn, Stefan Buehler


abs_cont_descriptionAppend( abs_cont_names, abs_cont_models, abs_cont_parameters, tagname, model, userparam )


OUT+INabs_cont_names(ArrayOfString)Continuum / full model absorption tag names.
OUT+INabs_cont_models(ArrayOfString)Continuum / full model absorption model description parameter.
OUT+INabs_cont_parameters(ArrayOfVector)Continuum model parameters.
GINtagname(String)The name (species tag) of a continuum model. Must match one of the models implemented in ARTS.
GINmodel(String)A string selecting a particular continuum/full model under this species tag.
GINuserparam(Vector, Default: [])A Vector containing the required parameters for the selected model. The meaning of the parameters and how many parameters are required depends on the model.