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Workspace Method abs_cont_descriptionInit


Initializes the two workspace variables for the continuum description,
abs_cont_names and abs_cont_parameters.

This method does not really do anything, except setting the two
variables to empty Arrays. It is just necessary because the method
abs_cont_descriptionAppend wants to append to the variables.

Formally, the continuum description workspace variables are required
by the absorption calculation methods (e.g., propmat_clearskyAddConts).
Therefore you always have to call at least abs_cont_descriptionInit, even
if you do not want to use any continua.

Authors: Thomas Kuhn, Stefan Buehler


abs_cont_descriptionInit( abs_cont_names, abs_cont_models, abs_cont_parameters )


OUTabs_cont_names(ArrayOfString)Continuum / full model absorption tag names.
OUTabs_cont_models(ArrayOfString)Continuum / full model absorption model description parameter.
OUTabs_cont_parameters(ArrayOfVector)Continuum model parameters.