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Workspace Method abs_hitran_relmat_dataReadHitranRelmatDataAndLines


Reads HITRAN line mixing data from a basedir

The basedir must point at line mixing data as provided by HITRAN.
The lines will be changed such that ALL CO2 lines are truncated
before adding the HITRAN line mixing lines.

The available modes are such that "VP*" uses Voigt profiles and
"SDVP*" uses speed-dependent Voigt profiles, where the "_Y"
signifies if Rosenkranz-style line mixing is considered or not, and
the "W" at the end signifies that full calculations are used.  At
the line mixing limit, line mixing is simply turned off.

The "FullW" mode uses Lorentzian calculations with the full relaxation
matrix until the line mixing limit is reached and it switches to Voigt.

The HITRAN LM data is available for download at:

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_hitran_relmat_dataReadHitranRelmatDataAndLines( abs_hitran_relmat_data, abs_lines_per_species, abs_species, basedir, linemixinglimit, fmin, fmax, stot, mode )


OUTabs_hitran_relmat_data(HitranRelaxationMatrixData)HITRAN line mixing data to compute the relaxation matrix.
OUT+INabs_lines_per_species(ArrayOfArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data for each tag.
INabs_species(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Tag groups for gas absorption.
GINbasedir(String)Direcory where the linemixing data is to be found
GINlinemixinglimit(Numeric, Default: -1)Line mixing limit as defined by AbsorptionLines
GINfmin(Numeric, Default: -1e99)Minimum frequency to read from
GINfmax(Numeric, Default: 1e99)Maximum frequency to read until
GINstot(Numeric, Default: 0)Minimum integrated band strength to consider
GINmode(String, Default: "VP_W")Mode of calculations. The options are: "VP", "VP_Y", "SDVP", "SDVP_Y", "FullW", and "VP_W"