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Workspace Method abs_linesLineShapeModelParametersMatchingLines


Sets line shape model data parameter in matching lines.

The matching is done so that QI must be in the line identifier

Acceptable ``parameter`` (s) are:
 - ``"G0"``
 - ``"D0"``
 - ``"G2"``
 - ``"D2"``
 - ``"FVC"``
 - ``"ETA"``
 - ``"Y"``
 - ``"G"``
 - ``"DV"``

Acceptable ``temperaturemodel`` (s) are:
 - ``"None"``
 - ``"T0"``
 - ``"T1"``
 - ``"T2"``
 - ``"T3"``
 - ``"T4"``
 - ``"T5"``
 - ``"LM_AER"``
 - ``"DPL"``

Acceptable ``species`` are:
 - ``"AIR"`` (so long as it is the broadening species list)
 - ``"SELF"`` (so long as it is the broadening species list)
 - Any species in the line broadening species

See the user guide for the meanings of all of these keywords

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_linesLineShapeModelParametersMatchingLines( abs_lines, QI, parameter, species, temperaturemodel, new_values )


OUT+INabs_lines(ArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data.
GINQI(QuantumIdentifier)Information to match the line.
GINparameter(String)Name of parameter to be replaced
GINspecies(String)Species of parameter to be changed
GINtemperaturemodel(String)Temperature model for the new values
GINnew_values(Vector)Sets the values found