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Workspace Method abs_linesLineShapeModelParametersMatchingLines


Sets line shape model data parameter in matching lines.

The matching is done so that QI must be in the line identifier

Acceptable parameter(s) are:

Acceptable temperaturemodel(s) are:

Acceptable species are:
	"AIR" (so long as it is the broadening species list)
	"SELF" (so long as it is the broadening species list)
	Any species in the line broadening species

See the user guide for the meanings of all of these keywords

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_linesLineShapeModelParametersMatchingLines( abs_lines, QI, parameter, species, temperaturemodel, new_values )


OUT+INabs_lines(ArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data.
GINQI(QuantumIdentifier)Information to match the line.
GINparameter(String)Name of parameter to be replaced
GINspecies(String)Species of parameter to be changed
GINtemperaturemodel(String)Temperature model for the new values
GINnew_values(Vector)Sets the values found