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Workspace Method abs_linesMirroringMatch


Sets mirroring type for all matching lines.

Match is done with a quantum identifier

Available options:
    "None"            : No mirrored line
    "SameAsLineShape" : Mirrored line broadened by line shape

    "Manual"          : Manually mirrored line (be careful; allows all frequencies)

    "Lorentz"         : Mirrored line broadened by Lorentz

Note that mirroring is never applied for DP line shape

Also note that Lorentz profile is approached by most line shapes at high frequency offset.

Also note that Manual settings are potentially dangerous as other frequency
offsets might not work as hoped.

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_linesMirroringMatch( abs_lines, option, ID )


OUT+INabs_lines(ArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data.
GINoption(String)Method of line mirroring
GINID(QuantumIdentifier)ID of one or more bands