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Workspace Method abs_linesRemoveLines


Remove lines abs_lines outside of specifications

The specifications are:
	The lower frequency bound (all lines of this frequency or higher may be kept)
	The upper frequency bound (all lines of this frequency or lower may be kept)
	The lower intensity bound (all lines with lower intensity may be removed)

If safe evaluates true, all lines in an absorption band must fail the above
tests to be removed

The frequency filtering can be reversed, from keeping upper_frequency to
lower_frequency, to instead remove lines inside the range by setting
*flip_flims* to 1.

The method abs_linesRemoveEmptyBands is internally applied after the

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_linesRemoveLines( abs_lines, lower_frequency, upper_frequency, lower_intensity, safe, flip_flims )


OUT+INabs_lines(ArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data.
GINlower_frequency(Numeric, Default: -1e99)The lower frequency bound
GINupper_frequency(Numeric, Default: 1e99)The upper frequency bound
GINlower_intensity(Numeric, Default: 0)The lower intensity bound
GINsafe(Index, Default: 1)Remove only lines from a band if all lines of a band fail
GINflip_flims(Index, Default: 0)Reverse the frequecy filtering, see above