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Workspace Method abs_linesWriteSpeciesSplitCatalog


Writes a split catalog, AbsorptionLines by AbsorptionLines.

There will be one unique file generated per AbsorptionLines in abs_lines.

The names of these files will be:
	basename + "." + AbsorptionLines.SpeciesName() + "." + to_string(N) + ".xml"
where N>=0 and the species name is something line "H2O".

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_linesWriteSpeciesSplitCatalog( output_file_format, abs_lines, basename )


INoutput_file_format(String)Output file format.
INabs_lines(ArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data.
GINbasename(String)Path to store the files at