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Workspace Method abs_lines_per_speciesAdaptHitranLineMixing


Adapts the line-catalog from using abs_hitran_relmat_data to.
instead fit ordered parameters to imitate the line mxixing

The order should be 1 or 2.  It will compute at 3 as well, but
there's no support in current ARTS LBL to make use of it so it
will crash at some point

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_lines_per_speciesAdaptHitranLineMixing( abs_lines_per_species, abs_hitran_relmat_data, t_grid, pressure, order )


OUT+INabs_lines_per_species(ArrayOfArrayOfAbsorptionLines)A list of spectral line data for each tag.
INabs_hitran_relmat_data(HitranRelaxationMatrixData)HITRAN line mixing data to compute the relaxation matrix.
GINt_grid(Vector)The sorted temperature grid
GINpressure(Numeric)The pressure at which the adaptation is made
GINorder(Index)The order of the parameters in adaptation