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Workspace Method abs_lookupSetupBatch


Set up input parameters for abs_lookupCalc for batch calculations.

This method performs a similar task as abs_lookupSetup, with the
difference that the lookup table setup is not for a single
atmospheric state, but for a whole batch of them, stored in

The method checks abs_species to decide which species require
nonlinear treatment in the lookup table.

The method also checks which range of pressures, temperatures, and
VMRs occurs, and sets abs_p, abs_t, abs_t_pert, and abs_vmrs

If nonlinear species are present, abs_nls and abs_nls_pert are also

Max and min values of H2O and temperature are adjusted to allow for
numerical perturbations in Jacobian calculation.

The input variables abs_nls_interp_order and abs_t_interp_order
are used to make sure that there are enough points in abs_nls_pert
and abs_t_pert for the chosen interpolation order.

The method checks each given field using atmfields_checkedCalc.
If a field does not pass the check, a run-time error is thrown.
To prevent this, the parameter ``robust`` can be set to one: Invalid 
atmospheres are skipped, but the run continues. This matches the 
robust behaviour of ybatchCalc.

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Authors: Stefan Buehler


abs_lookupSetupBatch( abs_p, abs_t, abs_t_pert, abs_vmrs, abs_nls, abs_nls_pert, abs_species, batch_atm_fields_compact, abs_p_interp_order, abs_t_interp_order, abs_nls_interp_order, atmosphere_dim, p_step, t_step, h2o_step, extremes, robust, check_gridnames )


OUTabs_p(Vector)List of pressures to be used for the calculation of absorption coefficients.
OUTabs_t(Vector)List of temperatures to be used for the calculation of absorption coefficients.
OUTabs_t_pert(Vector)Temperature perturbations for the absorption lookup table.
OUTabs_vmrs(Matrix)The VMRs (unit of absolute number) on the abs_p grid.
OUTabs_nls(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Nonlinear species for absorption lookup table generation.
OUTabs_nls_pert(Vector)Fractional perturbations for the nonlinear species in the absorption lookup table.
INabs_species(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Tag groups for gas absorption.
INbatch_atm_fields_compact(ArrayOfGriddedField4)An array of compact atmospheric states.
INabs_p_interp_order(Index)The interpolation order to use when interpolating absorption between pressure levels.
INabs_t_interp_order(Index)The interpolation order to use when interpolating absorption between the temperature values given by abs_t_pert.
INabs_nls_interp_order(Index)The interpolation order to use when interpolating absorption between the H2O values given by abs_nls_pert.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
GINp_step(Numeric, Default: 0.05)Grid step in log10(p[Pa]) (base 10 logarithm).
GINt_step(Numeric, Default: 20)The temperature variation grid step in Kelvin. The true step can become finer than this, if required by the interpolation order.
GINh2o_step(Numeric, Default: 100)The H2O variation grid step [fractional], if H2O variations are done (which is determined automatically, based on abs_species and the atmospheric dimension). As for T, the true step can turn out finer if required by the interpolation order.
GINextremes(Vector, Default: [])You can give here explicit extreme values to add to abs_t_pert and abs_nls_pert. The order is [t_pert_min, t_pert_max, nls_pert_min, nls_pert_max].
GINrobust(Index, Default: 0)A flag with value 1 or 0. If set to one, the batch setup will continue, even if individual fields are invalid. This is consistent with the behaviour of ybatchCalc.
GINcheck_gridnames(Index, Default: 0)A flag with value 1 or 0. If set to one, the gridnames of every atm_fields_compact are checked.