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Workspace Method abs_lookupSetupWide


Set up input parameters for abs_lookupCalc for a wide range of
atmospheric conditions.

This method can be used to set up parameters for a lookup table that
really covers all reasonable atmospheric conditions.

Reference profiles of T and H2O will be constant, so that the
different dimensions in the lookup table are actually "orthogonal",
unlike the traditional case where we have pressure dependent reference
profiles. This makes the table numerically somewhat more robust then
the traditional ones, and it makes it straightforward to calculate the
accuracy for the different interpolations with abs_lookupTestAccuracy.

You can give min an max values for the atmospheric conditions. The
default values are chosen such that they cover the value range over
the complete Chevallier91L data set, and a bit more. The statistics
of the Chevallier91L data are:

min(p)   / max(p)   [Pa]:  1 / 104960
min(T)   / max(T)   [K]:   158.21 / 320.39
min(H2O) / max(H2O) [VMR]: -5.52e-07 / 0.049

Authors: Stefan Buehler


abs_lookupSetupWide( abs_p, abs_t, abs_t_pert, abs_vmrs, abs_nls, abs_nls_pert, abs_species, abs_p_interp_order, abs_t_interp_order, abs_nls_interp_order, p_min, p_max, p_step, t_min, t_max, h2o_min, h2o_max )


OUTabs_p(Vector)List of pressures to be used for the calculation of absorption coefficients.
OUTabs_t(Vector)List of temperatures to be used for the calculation of absorption coefficients.
OUTabs_t_pert(Vector)Temperature perturbations for the absorption lookup table.
OUTabs_vmrs(Matrix)The VMRs (unit: absolute number) on the abs_p grid.
OUTabs_nls(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Nonlinear species for absorption lookup table generation.
OUTabs_nls_pert(Vector)Fractional perturbations for the nonlinear species in the absorption lookup table.
INabs_species(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Tag groups for gas absorption.
INabs_p_interp_order(Index)The interpolation order to use when interpolating absorption between pressure levels.
INabs_t_interp_order(Index)The interpolation order to use when interpolating absorption between the temperature values given by abs_t_pert.
INabs_nls_interp_order(Index)The interpolation order to use when interpolating absorption between the H2O values given by abs_nls_pert.
GINp_min(Numeric, Default: 0.5)Pressure grid minimum [Pa].
GINp_max(Numeric, Default: 110000)Pressure grid maximum [Pa].
GINp_step(Numeric, Default: 0.05)Pressure grid step in log10(p[Pa]) (base 10 logarithm).
GINt_min(Numeric, Default: 100)Temperature grid minimum [K].
GINt_max(Numeric, Default: 400)Temperature grid maximum [K].
GINh2o_min(Numeric, Default: 0)Humidity grid minimum [fractional].
GINh2o_max(Numeric, Default: 0.05)Humidity grid maximum [fractional].