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Workspace Method abs_nlteFromRaw


Sets NLTE values manually

Authors: Richard Larsson


abs_nlteFromRaw( abs_nlte, nlte_level_identifiers, nlte_vibrational_energies, data )


OUTabs_nlte(EnergyLevelMap)NLTE temperatures or ratios to be used for the calculation of absorption coefficients.
INnlte_level_identifiers(ArrayOfQuantumIdentifier)An array of non-lte quantum identifiers for levels matching nlte_field_raw and on request nlte_vibrational_energies.
INnlte_vibrational_energies(Vector)An list of vibrational energies matching nlte_level_identifiers and nlte_field_raw or being 0.
GINdata(Matrix)Vibrational data [nlevels, np]