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Workspace Method abs_speciesAdd


Adds species tag groups to the list of absorption species.

This WSM is similar to abs_speciesSet, the only difference is that
this method appends species to an existing list of absorption species instead
of creating the whole list.

See abs_speciesSet for details on how tags are defined and examples of
how to input them in the control file.

Authors: Stefan Buehler


abs_speciesAdd( abs_species, propmat_clearsky_agenda_checked, species )


OUT+INabs_species(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Tag groups for gas absorption.
OUTpropmat_clearsky_agenda_checked(Index)OK-flag for propmat_clearsky_agenda.
GINspecies(ArrayOfString)Specify one String for each tag group that you want to add. Inside the String, separate the tags by commas (plus optional blanks).