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Workspace Method antenna_responseGaussian


Sets up a Gaussian antenna response.

This method works as antenna_responseGaussianConstant but allows
to inlude a frequency variation of the antenna width. Here the FWHM
is specified at a set of frequencies. These frequencies will also be
the frequency grid of antenna_response.

If *grid_width* is set to <=0, the grid width will be twice the max
value in *fwhm*.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson


antenna_responseGaussian( antenna_response, f_points, fwhm, grid_width, grid_npoints, do_2d )


OUTantenna_response(GriddedField4)The antenna pattern/response.
GINf_points(Vector)Frequencies at which FWHM is defined.
GINfwhm(Vector)Full width at half-maximum of the Gaussian function.
GINgrid_width(Numeric, Default: -1.0)Full width of grid (negative value gives 2*fwhm).
GINgrid_npoints(Index, Default: 21)Number of points to represent the grid, see above.
GINdo_2d(Index, Default: 0)Set to 1 to create a 2D antenna pattern.