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Workspace Method atm_fields_compactAddConstant


Adds a constant field to atm_fields_compact.

This is handy, e.g., for nitrogen or oxygen. The constant value can
be appended or prepended as an additional field to the already
existing collection of fields. All dimensions (pressure, latitude,
longitude) are filled up, so this works for 1D, 2D, or 3D

The passed *name* of the field has to be in accordance with the
tagging structure described for atm_fields_compact.

A list of condensibles can be optionally specified if the VMR of
the added species is assuming dry air. The VMR of the added species
is then scaled down by the sum of the condensibles' VMR:
VMR * (1 - VMR_sum_of_condensibles).
For Earth this should be set to ["abs_species-H2O"]

Authors: Stefan Buehler, Oliver Lemke


atm_fields_compactAddConstant( atm_fields_compact, name, value, prepend, condensibles )


OUT+INatm_fields_compact(GriddedField4)A compact set of atmospheric fields on a common set of grids.
GINname(String)Name of additional atmospheric field, with constant value.
GINvalue(Numeric)Constant value of additional field.
GINprepend(Index, Default: 0)0 = Append to the end, 1 = insert at the beginning.
GINcondensibles(ArrayOfString, Default: [])List of condensibles used to scale down the VMR of the added species.