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Workspace Method atm_fields_compactAddSpecies


Adds a field to atm_fields_compact, with interpolation.

This method appends or prepends a GriddedField3 to atm_fields_compact.
The GriddedField3 is interpolated upon the grid of
atm_fields_compact. A typical use case for this method may be to
add a climatology of some gas when this gas is needed for radiative
transfer calculations, but not yet present in atm_fields_compact.
One case where this happens is when using the Chevalier91L dataset
for infrared simulations.

The grids in atm_fields_compact must fully encompass the grids in
the GriddedField3 to be added, for interpolation to succeed. If
this is not the case, a RuntimeError is thrown.

The passed *name* of the field has to be in accordance with the
tagging structure described for atm_fields_compact.

Authors: Gerrit Holl


atm_fields_compactAddSpecies( atm_fields_compact, name, value, prepend )


OUT+INatm_fields_compact(GriddedField4)A compact set of atmospheric fields on a common set of grids.
GINname(String)Name of additional atmospheric field.
GINvalue(GriddedField3)Value of additional atmospheric field.
GINprepend(Index, Default: 0)0 = Append to the end, 1 = insert at the beginning.