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Workspace Method atm_fields_compactFromMatrix


Sets atm_fields_compact from 1D fields given in form of a matrix.

For batch calculations it is handy to store atmospheric
profiles in an array of matrix. We take such a matrix, and create
atm_fields_compact from it.

The matrix must contain one row for each pressure level.

Not all fields contained in the matrix must be selected into
atm_fields_compact, but the selection must at least contain
fields of pressure, temperature, altitude and one absorption
The matrix can contain some additional fields which are not
directly used by ARTS for calculations but can be required for
further processing, e.g. wind speed and direction. These fields do
not need to be transfered into the atm_fields_compact variable.

Selection of fields into atm_fields_compact works by providing a
field name tag in *field_names* for the selected fields, while
unselected fields are tagged by 'ignore'. Order of tags in
*field_names* is strictly taken as corresponding to column order in
the matrix.
The pressure fields are by convention the first column of the
matrix, hence must not be tagged. That is, there must be given one
field name tag less than matrix columns.

For detailed tagging conventions see atm_fields_compact.

Works only for *atmosphere_dim==1.*

Authors: Stefan Buehler, Daniel Kreyling, Jana Mendrok


atm_fields_compactFromMatrix( atm_fields_compact, atmosphere_dim, gin1, field_names )


OUTatm_fields_compact(GriddedField4)A compact set of atmospheric fields on a common set of grids.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
GINgin1(Matrix)One atmosphere matrix from batch input ArrayOfMatrix.
GINfield_names(ArrayOfString)Order/names of atmospheric fields.