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Workspace Method backend_channel_responseGaussian


Sets up a Gaussian backend channel response.

The method assumes that all channels have the same response.

This method works as backend_channel_responseGaussianConstant
but handles the case where the response of each channel must be
described. Here the FWHM is specified for each f_backend.

The GINs *fwhm* and *grid_npoints* work in the same way as for
antenna_responseGaussianConstant. A negative *grid_width*
gives a grid that is twice the FWHM of each channel.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson, Oliver Lemke


backend_channel_responseGaussian( backend_channel_response, f_backend, fwhm, grid_width, grid_npoints )


OUTbackend_channel_response(ArrayOfGriddedField1)The response of each backend channel.
INf_backend(Vector)The frequency position of each backend (spectrometer) channel.
GINfwhm(Vector)Full width at half-maximum of the Gaussian function.
GINgrid_width(Numeric, Default: -1.0)Full width of grid.
GINgrid_npoints(Index, Default: 21)Number of points to represent the grid.