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Workspace Method batch_atm_fields_compactAddConstant


Adds a constant field to batch_atm_fields_compact.

Applies atm_fields_compactAddConstant to each batch.
The format is equal to that WSM.

Authors: Gerrit Holl


batch_atm_fields_compactAddConstant( batch_atm_fields_compact, name, value, prepend, condensibles )


OUT+INbatch_atm_fields_compact(ArrayOfGriddedField4)An array of compact atmospheric states.
GINname(String)Name of additional atmospheric field, with constant value.
GINvalue(Numeric)Constant value of additional field.
GINprepend(Index, Default: 0)0 = Append to the end, 1 = insert at the beginning.
GINcondensibles(ArrayOfString, Default: [])List of condensibles used to scale down the VMR of the added species.