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Workspace Method batch_atm_fields_compactCleanup


Removes unrealistically small or erroneous data from each data field
of batch_atm_fields_compact (or other AerrayOfGriddedField4 data)

This WSM checks if the data in batch_atm_fields_compact contains
values smaller than the given *threshold*. In this case, these
values will be set to zero.

The method should be applied if batch_atm_fields_compact contains
unrealistically small or erroneous data (NWP/GCM model data
occassionally contains negative values, which are numerical
artefacts rather than physical values.)

Authors: Jana Mendrok


batch_atm_fields_compactCleanup( batch_atm_fields_compact, threshold )


OUT+INbatch_atm_fields_compact(ArrayOfGriddedField4)An array of compact atmospheric states.
GINthreshold(Numeric)Threshold below which atm_fields_compact values are set to zero.