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Workspace Method batch_atm_fields_compactFromArrayOfMatrix


Expand batch of 1D atmospheric state matrices to batch_atm_fields_compact.

This is used to handle 1D batch cases, e.g. from NWP/GCM model like
the Chevallier91L data set, stored in a matrix (it is preferred,
though, to immediatedly store the model fields as
ArrayOfGriddedField4 and use ReadXML to load them directly into

Works only for *atmosphere_dim==1.*

See atm_fields_compactFromMatrix for basic documentation.

See batch_atm_fields_compactAddConstant and
batch_atm_fields_compactAddSpecies* for adding additional fields.

Authors: Stefan Buehler, Daniel Kreyling, Jana Mendrok


batch_atm_fields_compactFromArrayOfMatrix( batch_atm_fields_compact, atmosphere_dim, atmospheres_fields, field_names )


OUTbatch_atm_fields_compact(ArrayOfGriddedField4)An array of compact atmospheric states.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
GINatmospheres_fields(ArrayOfMatrix)Batch of atmospheres stored in one array of matrix
GINfield_names(ArrayOfString)Order/names of atmospheric fields.