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Workspace Method cloudboxSetManuallyAltitude


Sets the cloud box to encompass the given positions.

As cloudboxSetManually but uses altitudes instead of pressure.
The given altitude points can be outside the range of z_field.
The altitude limit is then set to the end point of p_grid.

Authors: Claudia Emde


cloudboxSetManuallyAltitude( cloudbox_on, cloudbox_limits, atmosphere_dim, z_field, lat_grid, lon_grid, z1, z2, lat1, lat2, lon1, lon2 )


OUTcloudbox_on(Index)Flag to activate the cloud box.
OUTcloudbox_limits(ArrayOfIndex)The limits of the cloud box.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
INz_field(Tensor3)The field of geometrical altitudes.
INlat_grid(Vector)The latitude grid.
INlon_grid(Vector)The longitude grid.
GINz1(Numeric)Lower altitude point.
GINz2(Numeric)Upper altitude point.
GINlat1(Numeric)Lower latitude point.
GINlat2(Numeric)Upper latitude point.
GINlon1(Numeric)Lower longitude point.
GINlon2(Numeric)Upper longitude point.