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Workspace Method cloudbox_checkedCalc


Checks consistency and validity of the cloudbox governing variables.

The following WSVs are treated: cloudbox_on, cloudbox_limits,
pnd_field, scat_data, scat_species, abs_species, particle_masses
particle_bulkprop_field, particle_bulkprop_names and wind_u/v/w_field.

If any of these variables is changed, then this method shall be
called again (no automatic check that this is fulfilled!).

The main checks are if the cloudbox limits are OK with respect to
the atmospheric dimensionality and the limits of the atmosphere,
and that the scattering element variables pnd_field and
scat_data match in size.

Default is to demand that there is a margin between the cloudbox
and the ends of latitide and longitude grids. Such margins are
required by MC and DOIT/3D, but are not needed for e.g. IBA.
If the margins not are a demand, set GIN demand_latlon_margin to 0.

Further checks on scat_data are performed in scat_data_checkedCalc

scat_species and particle_masses must either be empty or have a
size that matches the other data. If non-empty, some check of these
variables are performed.

If any test fails, there is an error. Otherwise, cloudbox_checked
is set to 1.

Authors: Patrick Eriksson, Jana Mendrok


cloudbox_checkedCalc( cloudbox_checked, atmfields_checked, atmosphere_dim, p_grid, lat_grid, lon_grid, z_field, z_surface, wind_u_field, wind_v_field, wind_w_field, cloudbox_on, cloudbox_limits, pnd_field, dpnd_field_dx, jacobian_quantities, scat_data, scat_species, particle_masses, abs_species, demand_latlon_margin, negative_pnd_ok )


OUTcloudbox_checked(Index)OK-flag for variables associated with the cloudbox.
INatmfields_checked(Index)OK-flag for atmospheric grids and (physical) fields.
INatmosphere_dim(Index)The atmospheric dimensionality (1-3).
INp_grid(Vector)The pressure grid.
INlat_grid(Vector)The latitude grid.
INlon_grid(Vector)The longitude grid.
INz_field(Tensor3)The field of geometrical altitudes.
INz_surface(Matrix)The surface altitude.
INwind_u_field(Tensor3)Zonal component of the wind field.
INwind_v_field(Tensor3)Meridional component of the magnetic field.
INwind_w_field(Tensor3)Vertical wind component field.
INcloudbox_on(Index)Flag to activate the cloud box.
INcloudbox_limits(ArrayOfIndex)The limits of the cloud box.
INpnd_field(Tensor4)Particle number density field.
INdpnd_field_dx(ArrayOfTensor4)Partial derivatives of pnd_field.
INjacobian_quantities(ArrayOfRetrievalQuantity)The retrieval quantities in the Jacobian matrix.
INscat_data(ArrayOfArrayOfSingleScatteringData)Array of single scattering data.
INscat_species(ArrayOfString)Array of Strings defining the scattering species to consider.
INparticle_masses(Matrix)The mass of individual particles (or bulks).
INabs_species(ArrayOfArrayOfSpeciesTag)Tag groups for gas absorption.
GINdemand_latlon_margin(Index, Default: 1)Flag to demand margin or not w.r.t. to ends of lat/lon grids.
GINnegative_pnd_ok(Index, Default: 0)Flag whether to accept pnd_field < 0.